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Jesse Carter & Family Cemetery - Hwy 82 in Jackson Co, GA
This cemetery is located on the private property of Mr. Guthrie. 

Directions: 1/4 mile from the Fire Dept. that is located on Plainview Rd., the cemetery is located off Hwy 82 and not on Plainview Rd. in Jackson Co, GA. There is a huge open field located behind a pasture fence on the left as you pass the fire dept. that is located on Plainview Rd. The large coral type white fence is viewable from the highway.  Mr. Guthrie provided the fence since the other fence was destroyed.  If you go too far the trees will block your view. 

I do not know who all the 24 stones are representing in this Carter Family Cemetery. There were no names visible, just stones.  If you know any of the Carter's buried in this cemetery, please contact Janet Carter. Thank you. I assume Jesse and Mary Elizabeth Carter are both buried there from an e-mail contact.