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The Skelton Family

1430 England to 1909 Georgia

1. Ralph Shelton m. Margaret Clere
2. John Shelton m. Anne Boleyn
3. John Shelton m. Margaret Parker
4. Ralph Shelton m. Anne Barrow
5. William Shelton m. Martha Emory
6. William Shelton m. Isabella Shuhan
7. John Shelton m. Margery Wyatt
8. Peter Shelton m. Susannah Jackson
9. Ralph Shelton m. Mary Jane Crispin
10. Ralph Shelton m. Mary Daniel
11. Thomas Skelton m. Mary Ann Frazer
12. William Skelton m. Martha Mary Clark
13. Solomon Skelton m. Mitty Gentry
14. Elizabeth Ann Salena Skelton m. John B. Hale
15. Martha Melissa Hale m. John Coleman Couch
16. Matilda E. Couch m. Joseph H. Stephens
17. Robert Edward Stephens m. Louella Phillips
18. Mary Lou Stephens m. 1. Charley Tucker; 2. Dalton L. Chastain

The first Skelton record for our family is with a John Skelton in Mecklenburg Co. VA in 1777. In his will he named 3 sons, John, William and Mark. Mark is our ancestor and he married an Ann Wooten in Virginia and moved to SC where he died in 1778. He had a son William born ca 1774 in Virginia. William married an Sallie Anderson from which comes our ancestor Solomon Skelton.

Solomon was born 29 July 1794 in Pendleton Co SC (now Anderson). He married Mitta Gentry June 9, 1812 and with his family moved to Shawnee Town Ill in 1830. He fought in the War of 1812 and also the Black Hawk War. He and Mitta are buried in Wesley Chapel Methodist Church in Eldorado Ill. They had 14 children , one was our ancestor Elizabeth Ann Salena Skelton Hale.

Mitta, Solomon's wife, was a Gentry. This family came from two brothers who came to America as British Soldiers in 1677 to fight in Bacon Rebellions. They both stayed and our line comes from the one named Nicholas who was born ca 1657 in Sussex England and settled in New Kent County Virginia. His wife's name is unknown but he had a son Nicholas ll who lived in Albemarle Co, Virginia. His son was also named Nicholas who was married twice. Our ancestor was his wife Nancy Blackstone. This Nicholas lll was a revolutionary war soldier from Virginia. Nicholas lll and Nancy had a son David who married a Sarah Brooks and settled in Ludenburg Co, NC. Their son Allen Cain born ca 1760 was our ancestor. Allen Cain married Liddy Youngblood and their son John was the ancestor of our Mitta who married Solomon Skelton.

A Special Thanks to Larry Parr for submitting this information. Larry Parr has been working on the Couch family tree since 1976. You will find the Couch Family Web online.

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