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Chastain, Chastine, Chasteen Family:

Chastain II

Mr. & Mrs. Dalton L. Chastain

The Chastain Family: (Abbeville, Anderson & Pendleton Co, South Carolina; Franklin Co, GA; Madison Co, GA; Oconee Co, GA; Barrow Co, GA and Walton Co, GA)

Dalton "Doc" L. CHASTAIN b. 9 JULY 1909, Madison Co, GA d. 30 MARCH 1997, Monroe, Walton Co, GA m. April 01, 1948, Georgia. Mary Lou STEPHENS b. 15 NOV 1909 Jackson Co, GA d. 21 JAN 1973, Winder, Barrow Co, GA. Doc's parents were David Roscoe CHASTAIN b. 08 August 1880 Anderson Co, SC d. 30 Nov 1953, Bogart, Oconee Co, GA and Minnie Oceley MORRISON b. 03 DEC 1875 SC d. 03 December 1954 Bogart, Oconee Co, GA and the grandson of Fred Garvin CHASTAIN b. March 1845-1847 d. 06 SEPT 1920/1926 Anderson Co, SC m. 1865 Anderson Co, SC to Eugenia Ollie Mauldin b. 23 OCT 1849 SC d. 25 NOV 1925 Danielsville, Madison Co, GA.

Dalton L. Chastain

Children of Roscoe & Minnie Chastain:

1. Dalton L. Chastain 09 July 1909 - 30 Mar 1997
2. Carlton Chastain 15 April 1912 - Feb 1984
3. Thurmond Chastain 06 July 1915 - Nov 1983
4. William (Allen) Chasteen 22 Aug 1916 - 30 July 1985; Tec4 US Army WWII

The Madison Co, GA 1930 US Census:

Roscoe[48] and Minnie[51] along with their four sons: Dalton [19], Carlton[17], Thurmond[16], and Allen[13] Chastain.

US Census

On April 16, 1930, Elmer Fitto, listed the following Chastain family members in the Pocataligo Militia District, Illa Town, Madison GA, USA

1. Roscoe D. Chastain, 48, SC, SC, SC
2. Minnie O. Morrison Chastain, 51, SC, SC, SC
3. Dalton L. Chastain, 19, GA, SC, SC m. Mary Lou Stephens
4. Carlton Chastain, 17, GA, SC, SC m. Not Married
5. Thurmond Chastain, 16, GA, SC, SC m. Ola Bell Unknown
6. Allen Chastain, 13, GA, SC, SC, SC m. Gertrude "Gert" Hansford
Roscoe Chastain was a farmer. Dalton "Doc" L. Chastain was a laborer.

Roscoe and Minnie's parents and grandparents were from South Carolina, USA.

Chastain Brothers
Chastain Brothers abt. 1954

The photo on the left is of Dalton, Carlton, Thurmond and Allen at the funeral of their mother. The brothers had names such as Bulldog (Thurmond), Pull Trigger (Carlton), Red (Allen) and Doc (Dalton). I am not sure of the order in the photo. From left to right, I think Carlton 1st, Thurmond 2nd, Allen is 3rd and Doc is 4th.

Doc and his parents are buried at Ross Chapel Bapt. Ch. Ceme., on Snows Mill Rd., Bogart, Oconee Co, GA. He is buried along with the other Chastain/Chasteen members of his family near a huge tree. His parents graves are located next to his as unmarked. (There are no stones for Doc, Minnie or Roscoe. I have visited the cemetery and saw a small grave marker with Doc's name on it directly beside the Denney girls, it was broken and worn out.)

Allen lived in Monroe, Walton Co, GA with his wife Gert (Hansford) and children. I saw Allen and Pull Trigger as a child. Pull Trigger lived with them. Allen sold produce out of his truck when I was about 10 years old. (1970's) I think the two boys in the top photo are Allen's sons: Jimmy and Billy Ray. Allen was also a taxi cab driver.

My mother told me that Doc was a farmer and he worked at a sawmill in Winder, GA. He could not drive. He could not write his own name either. He was a very kind man. He loved going to church. He wore the boldest colored suits he could find. He called them, "My Sunday Goin' To Meetin' Suits". Preacher Pete O'Dillon often visited his home to have church. My mother said they called Preacher Pete -- Uncle Pete.

I had the pleasure of being at one of the meetings. I think the Pastor was Preacher Pete O' Dillon. He lived just up the road from them off Hog Mountain Road. Doc also attended the Christian Church on Hog Mountain Rd.

Doc or Papa as we called him, enjoyed walking everywhere. He walked to Hardigree's Lake on Hog Mountain Road and to town, which was Winder, GA all the time. He often went to town with his landlord, Chester Perkins. Papa always had chewing gum (Juicy Fruit and Big Red) to give to the grandchildren and candy from Mr. Jim's store, another place he often walked to. He liked watching wrestling on his black and white TV. He got his hair cut every week, he didn't have much to cut either.

He was the only grandpa I knew and he was the best. When Granny Chastain died, he was very lonely without her and he went a little crazy. He was harmless though. If a pretty girl or woman spoke to him he had the notion she wanted to marry him. He was something and I miss him. I wish my children could have known him. He often called me Jennie, instead of Janet.

Family Cemetery:

1. Dalton L. Chastain, Allen Chasteen and David Roscoe and 2. Minnie Chastain are buried in Bogart, Oconee Co, GA, USA.
Location: Ross Chapel Baptist Church, Snows Mill Rd., Bogart, Oconee Co, GA
3. Fred Garvin Chastain is buried at Asbury Clark United Methodist Ch. Ceme., in Anderson Co, SC.
4. Eugenia O. Chastain is buried in Illa City, Madison Co, GA.

Census Findings:

The Morrison's came from Ireland, South Carolina and into Georgia and other states afterwards.

1850 - William & Nancy and William & Cela Morrison Abbeville Co., SC.

1860 - Wm. & Celia w/Presley Morrison b. abt. 1852 Anderson Co, SC.

1860 - 1870 Anderson Co, SC - Jacob & Margaret Darby Alewine family along with Emeline Alewine.

1870 - 1880 Elizabeth Chastain Family in Centerville, Anderson, South Carolina.

1880 - Preston Marion & Emaline "Emma" Caroline Alewine Morrison Family - Martin, Anderson, So. Carolina

1880 - F. Garvin, Eugenia Chastine & Family of Centerville, Anderson Co, So. Carolina (Pregnant w/Roscoe David Chastain)

1900 - Preston Morrison Family - Town, Hart, Georgia

1910 - Preston (Pressley M.) Morrison Family - Madison Co, Georgia

1900 - Roscoe D. Chastain w/parents Fred & Eugenia O. Chastain - .Gunnells, Franklin, GA

1910 - Listed as Rasta Chatarie/Roscoe, Minnie & Dalton Chastain and family in Pittman Dist., Madison Co, Georgia

1910 - Mrs. Eugenia Chastain, Harry and her dau/son-in-law in Pittman Dist., Madison Co, Georgia

*Sept 12, 1918 Roscoe David Chastain and family lived in Danielsville, Madison Co, Georgia. (See WWI Draft Card)

1920 & 1930 Roscoe David Chastain family - Madison Co, Georgia.

1953 & 1954 Roscoe & Minnie Chastain lived in Oconee Co, Georgia.

World War I Draft Registration
David Roscoe CHASTAIN,
Age 38
Born August 8, 1880
Danielsville, Madison County, GA
Nearest Relative: Minnie CHASTAIN
Build: STOUT
Height: Medium.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: RED
Registered: September 12, 1918.
Born: About 1875
Died: 03 December 1954, in Oconee County, Georgia, AGE: 79.
Death Certificate #29141.
Residence County: Oconee.

Born: About 1879
Died: 30 November 1953 in Oconee County, Georgia, AGE 74.
Death Certificate #29028.
Residence County, OCONEE.

NO Social Security Numbers.

Thank you Cousin Alan Embrick for looking up the above information.

Dalton & Mary Chastain

Notes: Minnie Oceley Morrison m. David Roscoe Chastain of Madison Co, GA before 1909. She died at the residence of William Allen Chasteen(son) and Gert Hansford Chasteen. They were living in Bogart, Oconee Co, GA off Hog Mtn. Rd. Minnie was wheelchair bound and unable to walk.
Preston Marion Morrison b. 01 June 1850 d. 29 June 1912 m. Emma Caroline Alewine b. 19 Dec 1854 d. 31 Oct. 1936.

Dear Janet,

This is Fred Garvin Chastain(Chasteen, Chastine, Chastin) b. March 1847 (death record Vol 26 #15867) but probably March 1845 (census records) in Anderson County, SC Residence: Oconee and Anderson, SC and Franklin Co., GA d. Sept. 6, 1926 in Anderson County, SC buried in the Asbury Clark Methodist Cemetery in Anderson, SC. His first wife was Eugenia (Ugenia Ollie C.)b. Oct. 23, 1849 in SC d. Nov. 25, 1925 in Madison Co., GA. She is buried in Ila City, Madison Co., GA He married Alice Bailey (b. abt 1879) Feb. 24, 1904 in Madison County, GA. They moved to Pendleton, Anderson Co., SC.

He and Eugenia had the following children: William C. (Will, Willie) b. Oct 1866 d. 1940, Margaret b. abt 1867, Martha b. Dec 1869, Corrine b. abt 1872, May Vivian b. August 01, 1874 d. February 25, 1953, Johnson (Johnny) b. abt 1877, David Roscoe b. August 08, 1880 d. November 30, 1953, Evie E. b. Dec 1882, Joseph B. b. Feb 1886, Alice R. b. April 1888, Carl Hoyt b. June 1892, Forrest G. b. April 1896.

I would very much like to know more about this family.

Thank you very much for your help.

Polly ; June 2006

Posting: MORRISON posted by Angie Harber -
1610 Calibre Woods Drive Atlanta, GA 30329
Wednesday, August 18, 1999

I'm trying to find any information on Preston Marion Morrison (b: 1 Jun 1850 - d: 29 Jun 1912) and his wife Emma Caroline Alewine (b: 19 Dec 1854 - d: 31 Oct 1936). I know they were members of the Providence Baptist Church (at least that is where I found their graves). I believe the area they lived in was called Pocataligo. Their children were: Jesse J. (b: 30 Sep 1873). He married Alice Clark in Hart Co. Minnie Oceley (b: 3 Dec 1875) Essie Savannah (b: 23 Jul 1880) Robert (Bob) Garrison (b: 16 Jul 1883). He married Ila Ophelia Owens - daughter of Sanford Garrson Owens and Cornelia Vargus Jenkins. William Lester Morrison (b: 11 Jul 1887). He married Willie Ree Morgan. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

My paternal grandmother, Annie Ruth Clark, is connected to the Pierre Chastain tree as is my maternal grandmother, Mary Lou Stephens by the way of Dalton L. Chastain son of Roscoe David Chastain and grandson of Fred Garvin Chastain of South Carolina and Georgia. (See Clark & Chastain Surnames)

I do not have copies of the photos listed here, except as you see them.

Thank you Cousin Walter Alan Embrick for looking up the WWI Draft for David Roscoe Chastain and many other things for me.

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