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Annie Ruth Clark dau. of Francis Esco Clark & Adaline Chastain. She was b. December 20, 1909 d. September 13, 1987.

Lenzy Franklin Patrick
Ruth's First Husband
03 April 1927, Georgia

Lenzy Franklin Patrick 9 OCT 1894 - 5 SEP 1934 m. Annie Ruth Clark. He was the son of William Franklin Patrick and Ida L. Maxwell. They had four children together. He had three daughters prior to their marriage with Theora Anderson.

John Clyde Beck
Ruth's Second Husband
12 January 1935 Franklin Co, GA

John 16 February 1906 - December 1977 m. Ruth and they had four children. He is the son of Abraham Hyter Beck and Nancy Margaret (Maggie) Clark.

Later, he moved to Texas and married his second wife, Rose Goldstein. He had a son and a daughter with Rose.

Ernest Willie Huff
Ruth's Fourth Husband
07 August 1974, Georgia

Ernest (Mr. Huff) 11 April 1900 - 23 August 1978 m.Ruth and they did not have any children together. Mr. Huff was a widower with no children. He accepted Ruth's as his own.

Howard Tillman Bagwell (Lollis)
Ruth's Third Husband 1944
14 October 1943, Georgia

Howard Lollis/Bagwell 12 October 1891 - 4 May 1967 m. Ruth and they had six children together. Howard was married twice before marrying Ruth. He had three children with his first wife -- Mersey Phillips Lollis. He had nine children with his second spouse -- Bessie Lee Garrison.

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Special thanks to W. Alan Embrick for the photo of Howard and Ruth Bagwell.

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