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Hamburger Casserole

Hamburger Special No. 1 by Janet Carter


  1. 1 lbs. Ground Beef - Cooked, Drain
  2. Onion - Sliced Thin
  3. Carrots (opt.) Sliced Thin
  4. Mushrooms - Saute
  5. Mushroom Soup
  6. Potatoes - Sliced Thin/Diced


This meal is usually served with a side of rice.

If using ground beef, saute until no longer pink. You can add soysauce or worchestershire sauce to beef. Drain excess fat. Saute chopped onions until transparent. Saute mushrooms along with carrots. Mix ingredients 1 to 3 in one pan.

Open mushroom soup and add one can of water, heat until mixed thoroughly.

Slice about 5 medium sized potatoes with or without skins and layer in a baking casserole dish. Layer the ingredients 1 through 4 over the potatoes and layer more potatoes on top. Do that until all potatoes and other ingredients are used up fully. Then, pour the mushrooms soup mixture over all the ingredients. If there doesn't seem to be enough liquid you can add some milk.

Bake at 350 until potatoes are cooked tender when poked with a fork. (About 1 hr and 15 minutes.) Enjoy!

Serving Size:

6 - 8 servings

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