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The Wilson Family:

Welson, Willson & Wilson: 

Cora Faye Wilson15, Marshall Simuen Wilson14, Vergial (Virgil) A. Wilson13, Posey Wilson12, Micah Wilson11, John S. Wilson10, William Wilson9, Thomas Wilson8, Henry Wilson7, Elias Wilson6, John Wilson5, Robert Wilson4, Robert Wilson3, John Wilson2, The Wilson Family1. 

  • 1.Wilson Family b. bet. 1699 - 1733 d. bet. 1759 - 1816 
  • 2. William Wilson b. June 30, 1747 d. April 18, 1842 
  • + Anne (Susannah) m. abt. 1768 b. abt. 1748 d. May 29, 1823 
  • 3. John S. Wilson b. July 01, 1784 d. aft. 1860 
  • + Prudence Bird b. 20 July 1788  d. aft. 1860 
  • 4. Micah (Michael) Wilson b. Feb 09, 1808 d. Oct. 08, 1886
  • + Jemima Hogan m. abt. 1828 b. Oct 1808 d. bet. 1855 -1907
  • 5 Posey Wilson b. 3 May 1835 d. Aug 03, 1863 
  • + Z Emily C. /Zelma Thornton m. Feb 21, 1856 b. bet. 1839 - 1842 d. aft. 1880
  • 6. Virgil (Vergial) A. Wilson b. 1859 June d. 1932
  •  + Helen (Lotta/Letta/Lettie Ellen) Coker m. 1875 b. abt. 1858 October d. aft. 1920 Census
  • 7. Marshall Samuel (Simuen/Simuel) Wilson b. June 28, 1879 d. Jan 04, 1927 
  • + Effie Jane Petty m. Nov 1904 b. 1889  d. Nov 24, 1962 
  • 8. Cora "Faye" Wilson  Nov 24, 1907 - March 22, 1993
  • + Edgar "Ed" Thomas Harrison Carter m. 10 Aug 1929 b. 1909 - 1998
  • 9. Bobby J. Carter b. 1930 d. 1937
  • 9. Living Carter - son
  • 9. Thomas Carter b. 1935  d. 1936 
  • 9. Living Carter  - son *
  • 9. Living Carter - dau
  • 8. Woodie Bell Wilson b. Aug 07, 1905 - Dec 1984
  • + Garnett M. Brock
  • 8. Hugh Howard Wilson b. July 07, 1906 - 1981 
  • + Juanita Beaver
  • 8. Ernest W. Wilson b. 1908 (1909) - 1964
  • 8. Lula Nell Wilson b. 1910 
  • + George Dewey Gaddis b. 1905 d. 1981 (Son of Jessie Carter  & John C. Gaddis)
  • 9. Hazel G. Gaddis b. 1934 - 2000 (See Obituary)
    + Roy H. Hardy Jr. 
  • 8. Ethel Wilson b. Sept 11, 1911 -  Oct 1987
  • + Luke Edins b. Aug 14, 1908 d. May 1986
  • 8. Elmer Wilson b. 1913
  • 8. Virginia Irene "Alma" Wilson b. April 30, 1916 d. March 08, 1994
  • + Jack Harper
  • 8. Grace E. Wilson b. Sept 28, 1918 d. Feb 02, 1988
  • + Mr. Sanders
  • 8. Ina "Helen" Wilson b. Sept. 02, 1920 d. Oct 31, 1982 
  • + Mr. Vaughn
  • 8. Lotrell (Trell) Wilson b. May 27,1925 - 1925 [still born]
  • 8. "Paul" Simuen Wilson b. Mar. 22, 1927 - Aug. 21, 1937 


Other Details:

  • Cora "Faye" Carter and Ed are buried at Carter Hill Cemetery, Winder, Barrow, Georgia along with some of their children. They were residents of Winder, Barrow Co, Georgia 30680. They had five children: Bobby J., Joe Thomas, Thomas, Robert, and Shirley. She and Ed had six grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. Faye had a few miscarriages as well. 
  • Faye was known as Nanny by her close family members and as Faye by others including her husband Ed Carter. 
  • Faye and Ed had attended Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Winder, GA along with other family members at one time. 
  • Faye Carter mentioned that her brothers were caught for bootlegging and went to jail, which contributed to  the loss of their farm. There were only the girls left to run the farm. Their family was considered well off. 
  • Wilson was also shown as Welson and Willson in several census records.
  • Marshall Samuel Wilson and Effie Jane Petty Wilson's had 12 children: Hugh Howard, Ernest W. , Elmer, Paul, Woodie Bell, Cora Faye, Lula Nell, Ethel, Irene, Grace, Helen and Lottrell Wilson. 
  • 1860 Census showed Virgil as Vergal/Vergel, [Tombstone spells his name Vergial A. Wilson.] Helen as Ellen and Marshall as Marshol  and Simuen & Simeon Wilson. 
  • Cora's siblings: Irene was seen listed as Alma V. Wilson, Lotrell as Trell, and Helen was listed as Ina Helen. Helen/Ellen Coker Wilson was written as Helen from notes by Aunt Shirley C. Martin. 
  • Effie Jane was seen listed as Pettitt instead of Petty.  Faye Carter's notes show Effie Jane Petty. 
  • Virgil A. Wilson and Helen Coker Wilson had Marshall, Ola Nell, Zellia, Sanford and Mary Wilson. 
  • Posey Wilson and Zelma /Z Emily C. Thornton Wilson had Cicero, Virgil and Mary T. Wilson. 
  • Emily C. Thornton (Zelma) m. 2. Elihu Martin Minish b. abt. 1829 m. aft. 1863. They bore two sons: James E. and Jesse F. Minish. She died after 1880's. Emily is the dau. of Mark Thornton & Mary Borders. 
  • Cicero Wilson b. 1956 d. 1927, son of Posey & Emily Thornton Wilson  is buried at the Wilson Methodist Church Ceme., in Jackson Co, GA. (Must be listed as Apple Valley)
  • Micha Wilson and Jemima Hogan Wilson had Ephraim W, Moren B., Posey, Shadrach, John Kelly, Micah Bird, Prudence, Mary Frances, Amanda, and Jemima Wilson.
  • John S. Wilson and Prudence Bird Wilson had Micah, Bird, and Arminty [Artimisssa] Wilson.
  • William Wilson and Anne (Susannah) Wilson had James, Fennel H., Michael, William Jr., Betsy, Anne, Nancy, Susanna, John S. and Henry Wilson.
  • The Wilson Family b. bet. 1699- 1733 d. bet. 1759- 1816 m. bet. 1722 - 1772 had  Stephen, William, and Newman Wilson. 
  • Wilson Members buried at Zion Baptist Church Cemetery, 401 Zion Church Road, Braselton, Jackson Co., GA: Vergial A. Wilson & Helen C. Wilson, (son) Marshall S. Wilson, Effie Jane Petty Wilson, Paul S. Wilson, George Dewey Gaddis w/ wife Lula Nell Wilson Gaddis, Ina Helen Wilson Vaughn, Grace E. Wilson Sanders, and Virginia I. Wilson Harper. 
  • Cora Faye Wilson15, Marshall Simuen/Samuel Wilson14, Vergial (Virgil) A. Wilson13, Posey Wilson12, Micah( Michael) Wilson11, John S. Wilson10, William Wilson9, Thomas Wilson8, Henry Wilson7, Elias Wilson6, John Wilson5, Robert Wilson4, Robert Wilson3, John Wilson2, The Wilson Family1. 




Family Tree Maker Site  v. 36 t. 1796 and in correspondence with  Ronald G. Wilson, Mrs. Ruby Wilson Beck,  Shirley C. Martin and James T. Lord.

Mrs. Ruby Wilson Beck m. Edward Beck b. Feb 14 1923 [His father- Henry M. Beck] who's mother was Ida Sue Beard that married first,  John Nickodemus (Nick) Wilson the brother to Ruby's father [her uncle], William Dilmus (Dimp) Wilson.  The Beck's and Wilson's are connected making my husbands side by his grandmother, Cora Faye Wilson Carter,  of relation distantly to my grandmother, Annie Ruth Clark,  through her second husband  Clyde John Beck, son of Abraham Hyter Beck and Margaret "Maggie" Clark Beck. I am still working on Maggie and Ruth's family connection. I heard that they were cousins. 



In the 1930 Census for Miller, Jackson Co, GA -- Marshall Wilson is the head of the house, listed under him is Mary Wilkerson age 54, widowed. She is listed as the mother-in-law. I have in my notes that Effie Jane the spouse of Marshall Wilson was a Petty. Can anyone explain why Mary would be a mother-in-law if she is not a Petty? Lottie Wilkerson is listed as a half-sister of age 13 as well.  

If anyone can add to the Petty family, please contact me. I am at a dead end with Effie Jane Petty. 

Thank you. 

If you can contribute to our family files, please contact me.

Information is subject to changes as new and updated information comes about. Thank you.